Monday, January 2, 2012

NEW YEAR SPECIAL!! New & Beautiful Turquoise Pendants - Tuned 4 You

Beautiful pendants are available -limited quantities. They are real natural Turquoise in silver alloy. They sell between $35-$45 ea. My New Year's Special > Each pendant is U.S $9 or 2 for $16. There are 16 styles and 5 of each style. So first come first choice! As an added special for $5 more I can alchemically attune with sound (toning frequencies)specifically for you your choice of pendant. Please email me your choice/s of pendant by number and whether you would like it attuned. Free shipping for 2 or more pieces to Canada & U.S. Otherwise $2.00 single items. Christina @ Payment is by Paypal
Click on Picture to View Closer

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