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The Yoga of Illumination - Workshops

We are delighted to introduce to you for the 1st time in your area: Devi Satva Yoga, the Yoga of Illumination. A new way of doing Yoga, a new way of being...Three are they that compose The Yoga of Illumination, The parent Yoga are called by the Angelic records. 1st: Irash Satva Yoga ~The Yoga of Abundance 2nd: Shrihat Satva Yoga ~ The Yoga to Clear Past Incarnations 3rd: Saradesi Satva Yoga ~ The Yoga of Eternal Youth It is our greatest hope to bring these Yogas Worldwide for many too experience and teach.

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Let us tell you more about them first! All 3 Yoga’s were given directly from Infinite Source and the Angels to Almine. Who is Almine? - An internationally recognized, Teacher, Author (over 35 books), Mystic and Toltec Nagual. She has given these precious modalities and Yoga's to humanity to teach and share. We feel blessed and honoured to do this, as we know the powerful benefits and life changing effects they have. These Yoga’s are unique in the sense that music is an integral part of the yoga practice, each posture is accompanied by a sound elixir; a sound elixir is a specific type of music created to assist the body with the release of distorted frequencies that in turn can manifest into what we call disease. The practice of Yoga regularly facilitates the flow of energy and life force. These systems of Yoga utilize an alchemically sound healing technique that assists with the balance of Light and Frequency in the body. All music is sung and composed by Almine.

*More Benefits: 1. Beneficial for certain ADD and other behavioural disorders in children.
2. Improves sleeping patterns
3. Enhances the balancing of the Left and Right Brain (assisting with mood swings)
4. During the Yoga session the body is schooled to become disciplined.
 5. Increases ability to focus and to hold attention for longer periods of time 
6. Promotes a stronger immune system 
7. Assist in the opening of the 144 meridian points of the body 
8. Facilitates the removal of toxins and calcifications (helps releasing allergies) 
9. Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow and liver function 
10. Cleanse & Detoxify ~ Regenerate & Rejuvenate 11. Open yourself to Experience Abundance.

Irash Satva Yoga - The Yoga of Abundance

Restores the Harmonious Frequencies of Man Man in its original state was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating and self-transfiguring. Using 26 easily mastered postures paired with 26 musical elixirs created specifically for each, the 144 cardinal gates (points) of the mind and body are opened and cleansed of their debris, programming, resistance to life, and belief systems allowing life to permeate and flow through it. As 144 gates are being fully opened through Yoga of Oneness, they open Eternal Supply, cells of the body start to change, cellular nucleus becomes enlarged and spiritualized cells produce vitality, longevity and immortality.

Shrihat Satva Yoga ~ Yoga to Clear Past Incarnations 

Upon reaching a high level of enlightenment, the master becomes an androgynous being. Having lost all other identities, he or she now loses the identity of gender. This is done by balancing the proactive and receptive qualities within. Resolving the 12 feminine and 12 masculine incarnation cycles brings this desired state to fruition. In the practice of Shrihat Satva Yoga, multiple elements are combined to facilitate the removal of debris from previous incarnations. The musical elixirs used are an exact balance of black (subliminal) and white frequencies, utilizing the alchemical potencies of frequencies to balance out illusion. They form an essential component of this yoga practice.

The Poetry of Dreaming is used to open non-cognitive communication with the deeper states of dreaming. This allows the issues of very old cycles of life to come to the surface for cancellation by the sound elixirs. The breathing rhythms and eye movement patterns of an individual reveal retained and suppressed trauma. Shrihat Satva Yoga uses these to trigger the release of debris from old incarnations.

Saradesi Satva Yoga ~ Yoga of Rejuvenation (culmination of the 3 )
The purpose of Saradesi Satva Yoga postures is to remove linear time the primary cause of aging and decay. In removing the opposites of movement and stillness by balancing them, we cancel them out to reveal a state of eternal rejuvenation. Saradesi Satva Yoga alternates movement and stillness. The movement expresses, the stillness listens. Science and metaphysics agree that man utilizes only a small fraction of his innate capabilities. The ancient Lemurian records, translated by Almine, have produced this unique body of yoga to facilitate the evolution of man’s capacities. Irash Satva Yoga is transformational in nature, Shrihat Satva Yoga is transmutational. Saradesi Satva Yoga is transfigurative in that it creates alterations in human DNA. An exceptional tool of enlightenment!

Christina Treviño
 Intuitive/Sound Healer ~ Belvaspata Grand Master ~ Reiki Master
Certified Instructor for The Yoga of Illumination
Christina has worked with many healing modalities since 1994 and facilitated several Healing and Sound workshops. Having studied with Almine for 13 years and worked with her the last year, her spiritual journey has taken her on many amazing experiences and evolved exponentially. Transcending her boundaries and walking a path of authenticity and impeccability. Her heart has always been and will be a path of service for the highest good of all.

Trish Purcell
 Reiki 2nd Degree ~ Certified Instructor for The Yoga of Illumination ~ Intuitive Medium/Counsellor
I have also been communicating with family and friends that have crossed over since I was 2 years old. I started doing readings at fifteen. It has been a very natural process for me.

We thank you so much for taking the time to read about The Yoga of Illumination. We hope it will resonate in your heart to invite us to bring the Yoga's and facilitate a workshop in your Centers/Studios too experience.

“All life will awaken when it knows its source of inspiration”

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