Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day~

 Everyday should be Valentine's Day! For the true meaning of this day is to love one another and express that in all moments - not just one day of the year. Firstly love yourself for in truth there is only One. Enjoy another as an expression of you. Harmonic resonance is the ultimate goal in relationship. Live for the joy of the adventure and all its unfoldings~

To my partner - thank you for sharing this journey of constant change and insights. Love is a doorway to infinite possibilities and glorious revelations. Where one begins the other continues - eternal waves of existence. The dance is ever-evolving....:) XOXOXO

"All Life will awaken when it knows its Source of Inspiration".

Choc. Source - 120 x 60 Gourmet Chocolate is a delight anytime!

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