Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Phase~

~Thank you for landing at BlogStop~Share & Shop! As you can see I am just in the middle of re-creating and building the content for this blog. As we are always unfolding with newer and higher insights for conscious living, I too am at a moment of cross-roads. Having recently completed my latest contract work I find myself tuning into the Universe's promptings and nudges for my next journey. How do I create an income while honouring my passions? Where do the two meet and shall they enhance the fluid flow of abundant living. ~

~To begin I will share my passions. They are rather simple: I love to travel! Though I have done a little travelling - there is so much more world to explore! New places, people and cultures - bring such delights to my heart. I desire and love awakening to who I know us all to truly be - an infinite and exponential being of eternal existence. Meaning I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I am all things.....and living life to the best of my ability. This unfoldment has come more consciously and with ever-increasing clarity through my studies and work with Almine. She is an International Teacher, Author, Mystic and Toltec Nagual. I have also had the priviledge to not only study with her for the last 12 years but also be part of her support team.

~For this reason you will find several of her products here that you can purchase through Amazon or go directly to her website. In gratitude and praise I will always support her work that she does so graciously and lovingly. In addition, I am in my timing changing how I conscious live. So you will also find products that I am either using or feel are very beneficial to a healthy, conscious and impeccable lifestyle. I will continue to research and share amazing products available for online shopping. In the hope that I not only create a streamline of income for myself and those whose products I share. ~ Christina

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